symbolique du vetement dans la bible

par Alban Cras

symbolique du vetement dans la bible
Date de publication: 2011-11-15
Nombre de pages: 176
ISBN: 9782204093606
If sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, and moralists have amply demonstrated the importance of clothing as language, however "the garment in the Bible," has not attracted extensive research among theologians from the work of Edgar Haulotte, in 1960 Yet the Bible makes numerous references to the clothing: from fig leaves Adam and Eve, to the glory of habit elected, we encounter the rough coat of prophets and Joseph's coat, and although course, Jesus' clothes, Transfiguration at Calvary. That symbolizes the odd suit of the high priest? What do the different clothing taxed at Jesus during the Passion? What St. Paul calls us when he asks us to "put on Christ"? By its biblical references to the garment and its symbolism, the author travels from Genesis to the Apocalypse. Its purpose is to generate a "theology of the garment." - If Sociologists, anthropologists, moralists and philosophers-have largely demonstrated the importance of clothing as a form of language, 'clothing in the Bible' has not there Reviews the other hand, inspired thorough research among theologians since Edgar Haulotte's book in the 1960s. Yet the Bible Makes Countless references to clothing: from Adam and Eve's fig leaves to the glorious apparel of the Elect, we encounter the rough tunics of the prophets and Joseph's coat-of-many-colors, not to mention Jesus' garments, from the Transfiguration to Calvary. What does the curious outfit of the high priest symbolizes? What is the significance of the different garments Imposed on Jesus in the course of His Passion? And what is Saint Paul inviting us to do When He Urges us to 'clothe Christ? Through His Biblical references to clothing and Its symbolism, the author charts the way from Genesis to the Apocalypse, creating a 'theology of clothing'. 181430 Alban Cras
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